Farewell, Jerry Remy’s – Fenway

Jerry Remy’s in the Fenway closed this week, and I’m not really surprised. Bars close all the time in Boston, for a million reasons, but I have to say I saw this one coming.

remys (2)

Remy’s was a nice place to visit, but nobody lived there. Whenever my suburban friends come into the city, they would often say “Let’s go to Jerry Remy’s.” I would suggest someplace else.

The Fenway bar area, which is an absolute circus when the Red Sox are playing, can be a real wasteland when the weather turns. It’s actually a nice time to visit the neighborhood spots there. The crowds are gone, you can sit where you like, and the workers are happy to see you. If you like a quiet, relaxed spot to have a beer and a burger, it’s a nice area.

Jerry Remy’s was built and operated as a destination spot. It was a place to go for a game, an out-of-towners place, a place you could plan an event, and it was a pretty good one. Alas, that was not enough to put the asses in the barstools. It was too expensive to visit regularly, the food wasn’t good enough to draw you in. Even when I did visit with my suburban, old white guy crew, we would frequently have a few drinks and move on to a different spot. The Landsdowne, The Baseball Tavern, Cask & Flagon are more our speed. We fit in better there. Remy’s could get us in the door, but it couldn’t keep us. A good TV setup and the coolness of Jerry’s celebrity just wasn’t enough.

I’m sure some other place will open there soon. My guess is that it will be more upscale, and not afraid to appear so. It would fit in more with the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. Remy’s wanted to be a sports bar and charge tourist prices. That might work in Faneuil Hall, but not in the Fenway, not year-round at least.

Eater.com – Jerry Remy’s Fenway Location Unexpectedly Shutters


Where I’m Drinking – Lulu’s, Allston MA

Lulu’s hasn’t been open too long.  I think they were counting on having the slow Allston summer to work out the kinks, but, alas, the World Cup happened, which spared no bar, so they had to get running quickly.


Lulu’s is yet another sign of the ongoing “upscaling” of Allston.  It is a very nice place, bright, big windows, sort of an industrial lounge kind of look.  An afternoon lunch found parents and students, business people in shirts and ties, and a grad student reading Joyce.  They have quite an impressive beer selection, and the bartender knew her stuff, she was happy to talk beer and give out samples. I chose a Port Brewing Summer Pale Ale, which was quite light and tasty.  Lulu’s is most certainly beer-nerd friendly.

They have gotten very good press locally for their food, which could be described as upscale comfort food.  I went with the Lulu’s Burger, made with local cheddar and a secret sauce.  The secret sauce tasted like a mild aioli and was quite good.  The entire burger was very good, actually, one of the best in the neighborhood, perfectly cooked and a nice quality meat.  It was, however, too small for the bun.  The fries were fresh and good, nothing too special about them though.

It was a good lunch, and a fun experience, thanks mostly to the friendly staff.  It seems to be marketing to the business crowd that drifts over from Harvard and down from BU, but the beer selection and reasonable (though not cheap) prices should be enough to lure a bit of the Allston hipster crowd.  For now, I think they have a decent spot on the Allston scene.

Go For: Good food and a fun menu, good craft beer selection, friendly staff.

Lulu’s Allston

421 Cambridge St
Boston, MA 02134

*picture from website