Where I’m Drinking – Loretta’s Last Call

 Many years ago, never mind how long exactly, I was visiting my brother in Memphis.  A very nice city full of very friendly people, only a few of whom took Elvis way too seriously.  I did the tourist thing during the day, he recommended meeting at a local bar near his work.  As is my habit, I sat at the bar and chatted up the bartender.  She got a kick out of my accent.  A very friendly middle aged couple at the bar asked where I was from .  “Boston.” I said, with a smile, politely as I could.  “Oh.”  the woman said.  They both backed away.  My adventures in southern drinking.

I don’t try to be a Masshole, but what can I do?

I recalled this story when I pulled up to the bar at Loretta’s Last Call, a newish place just outside Fenway Park.  Loretta’s is a “theme” bar, a southern-country thing.  Moonshine, mason jars, southern-style menu, and of course, a giant American .  Cause, you know, America. 


From eater.com

I am not a southerner, nor am I from the country.  I don’t drive a truck or own a dog.  Nonetheless, I will guess that any southerners who ventured into the place wouldn’t find it too authentic anyway.  The place reminds me of one of those “authentic” Irish bars where they can’t pour a decent Guinness. Like all of the places on Landsdowne St., this is a corporate venture,  I suspect everything in the place was ordered out of a catalog somewhere.  None of this means it’s a bad place, just that it is what it is. 


From the Loretta’s website


Overall, my general sense of the place is “A good time.”  Give those corporate honchos a bit of credit for at least coming up with something at least a little different.  It has a small stage and live music, including an open mike night, which I always have to support.  I tried the lobster grit cakes, my friend had the fried pickles, both of which were very good.  My friend enjoyed the cocktails, and she was quite excited that they had PBR tallboys.  The tap selection is not too extensive, but they have Harpoon IPA on tap, which is all I really need anyway. The band was just getting started as I was leaving, but the room sounded pretty good, and people were certainly enjoying themselves. 


I love a place with a jukebox. From eater.com

The service was friendly and efficient.  We sat at the bar, bartenders were busy but happy to answer questions about the drinks and the menu.  And maybe I’m a cad, or a prude, but I have to say the bartenders were quite good looking, and a bit underdress.  I hope they won’t make those poor young girls to dress like that through the Boston winter, thy are likely to catch a terrible chill. 

Loretta’s is a nice place and a good time, it won’t be a regular stop for me, but it’s a good option when you need a change of pace.

Loretta’s Last Call

1 Lansdowne Street • Boston, MA


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