Today’s Reason to go to a Bar – Happy IPA Day!

BucPABIIMAEC7FVBucPABIIMAEC7FVThursday, August 7,  is India Pale Ale Day.  I must admit it snuck up on me this year. 

I did an exhaustive (two minute) search of the internet to find the origins of IPA day, only to come up empty.  As to the origins of IPA’s, it seems the British used to ship it to the troops in India, and added extra hops to help it survive the long journey.  I like the idea that, at some point in the long history of the British Empire, at some point “Better Beer for the Empire” was a national priority, but I digress.


Emily Ragle

I have been drinking IPA’s for years, but all of a sudden they have become trendy.   In general, I try to avoid trendy things, but I’m OK with this one.  The fact that this is now the “cool” beer means that all the craft breweries are chasing the trend, and some are producing really good beers.   My go to continues to be Harpoon, which strikes a nice balance between good flavor and drinkability.  It’s also a local beer, which I try to support when I can. 

I’m also enjoying the whole “West Coast IPA” thing, a slightly lighter style, with citrus flavors.  Citrus (and fruit in general) doesn’t always work for me, mostly because the brewmasters overdue it with the flavor, but the West Coast style can be tasty and refreshing if done correctly.  My favorite West Coast IPA comes from Lagunitas Brewing in California.

So grab someone you love, or like, or can put up with for ten minutes or so, and celebrate IPA’s.  If nothing else, it might get you out of the house.


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